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Oh, Hello!

Meet Brooke Regional Tech Trainer, LABS Advisor, Business Development Specialist and lovingly nicknamed, “The NERD!”

Brooke brings an extensive background in IT Sales & Education
to her roles with the agents and Market Center leadership.
She loves helping agents delight in technology and growing their businesses.

Her ultimate goal is to make technology fun and easy to learn. Great joy for her comes in helping anyone understand “why” we are doing something so that they truly get the “how” of successfully using technology.

Brooke does this with a mix of knowledge, love and humor. She utilizes many different forms of communication and education tools to help agents maximize the education resources. She has developed unique hybrid educational approaches and curriculums that help all learning levels. She also adores dressing up in zany costumes and keeping the KW base on their toes. You will often see her in these costumes on our National and Regional Zoom calls.

When not creating a welcoming and fun environment in her region, Brooke adores cooking, bbqing, crocheting, graphic design, creating the LABS Advisor t-shirts and spending time with her family.

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