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Why Work with Brooke?

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Mark K.  / Team Leader
KW North Central

So grateful to KW New England for sharing Brooke the Nerd with us!  She was here for a sensational leadership class on Command MC as well as a Database to Databank class for our agents.  What are you waiting for-get her into your MCs! 


Jamison S. / Team Leader
KW South Watuppa

She was truly amazing! Not only with our agents, but with the staff in the MC.  
The amount of content and her delivery is pure awesomeness.  She had my agents texting me 10 mins after the class, asking when she is coming back and wanting more from her.


Kevin Q. / REALTOR®
KW Premier Properties

Brooke's dataBASE to dataBANK is one of the BEST training classes I’ve attended … by far! Her high energy is phenomenal and contagious. She’s now a must for my team members.  Thank You Brooke! 


Tina H. / REALTOR®
KW Metropolitan

Brooke is thorough and diligent. She knows the ins and outs of Command and most things tech like no one I've ever known. She communicates in a way that makes all of this accessible and easy to understand.

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