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Take Back 6 Hours of Your Week!

  • Protect Your Lead Gen Time at ALL Costs

    • Click here for your lead gen "Do Not Disturb" sign​

      • ​Agents spend at LEAST an hour a day chatting with peers and “accidentally” avoiding lead gen. Time block social time with peers into your calendar

  • ​What is a paradigm shift and how is a scientific term related to lead gen?

    • A paradigm shift is a major change in how people think and get things done that upends and replaces a prior paradigm.

    • In order for a paradigm shift to happen, you must use the original models and systems. (7 Habits page 31)

    • Paradigms are important because they define how we perceive reality and how we behave within it. Everyone is subject to the limitations and distortions produced by their socially conditioned nature aka LIMITING BELIEFS!!

  • STOPReinventing the Wheel

    • Models before creativity

    • Devour the MREALead Gen Model staring onpage 133.

  • Clean Data Wins-Always

    • Garbage in, garbage out​

    • Click here for the Healthy Contacts Cheat Sheet

    • Stop playing internet detective

      • If you are missing info, use SmartPlans​

        • Marty Miller ​

          • Missing Phone Number​

          • Missing Email

            • ​Agents spend at LEAST an hour or more a day looking for missing information, instead of contacting the person with what they have available, to fill in the gaps of info. Stahhhp that. Use the SmartPlans!

  • Download the Command App

    • Click Here for iPhone​

    • Click Here for Android

      • The app is leverage in the palm of your hand​

      • Create Smartviews that matter to you

      • Add SmartPlans to your Library

      • Everyday, Command will TELL YOU who to contact, how to contact and then mark the activity!

        • ​Agents spend at least an hour or more trying to “remember” what they spoke about, when they contacted. Command Mobile will track this for you.

  • SmartPlans Makes the AGENT Smarter

    • Here is my list of favorite SmartPlans. Click Here to Download

      • Monthly Neighborhood Nurture

      • Biweekly Neighborhood Nurture

      • Quarterly Call Plan

      • Long Term Nurture

      • Midterm nurture

      • Missing Phone Number (Marty Miller)

      • Missing Email (Marty Miller)

      • Home Anniversary

      • 8x8

      • Promote my App

      • Birthday

      • Open House Follow Up

        • ​Agents spend at LEAST an hour or more a week trying to “cherry pick” or figure out who to call and what to talk about.

  • ​​Intentional Opportunities

    • Buyer Experience

    • Seller Experience

    • Opportunities = Your Ops Manual aka Fire Prevention

      • Build a task list ONCE for each stage and phase

        • Helps you give the same experience to every buyer or seller, no matter the price point
          Never forget important dates 
          You are in full control of your pipeline and have visibility into the shape of your business

          • Agents spend at LEAST 2-3 hours a day dealing with “the business” of doing real estate. This could mean dealing with inspectors, lenders, title issues or putting out fires. How about fire prevention instead

  • Action Plan-Your Next Steps​​​

    • Unsure where your time is going?
      LOG every single thing you do for a week

      • Adjust anything that:

        • Takes you out of lead gen

        • Hurts your business

        • Apply the 5 ways to Take Back 6 Hours

        • You may find you take back EVEN more while also building your Ops manual!

        • Work with MC Leadership/RTT to cultivate a plan!

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