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Red Day - 2022


For my Red Day 2022 initiative, I am supporting an angel in the local Wilmington MA community.

Paula helps stock shelters for people affected by domestic violence.


The stories she shares are heart wrenching about women and their babies who are often fleeing and hiding to save their lives. 

Her mission started about three years ago when
she volunteered at a shelter and asked if she
could bring anything and they said diapers are
always needed.


“They told me that they ration their diapers and
they give each family eight diapers a week.
Regardless of how many children you have, you
only get eight diapers? So I just became enraged,”
she said.

When I reached out to Paula to see what was needed, she let me know that while diapers of any size are greatly appreciated, she needs larger size diapers and pull ups.


I have put together a list on Amazon that will be delivered directly to me and once the drive is complete, will be delivered to Paula so she can distribute.  I’ve also added a few items that may seem everyday, but to those with nothing, are a luxury item. Things like diaper creams and baby care items. The list is here.

Paula will also accept Amazon Gift Cards in any denomination to help with emergent needs!

If you are local and want to drop off a donation to me, please email me to set up a drop off!

Thank you for supporting our “Diaper Queen” and her initiative. Your generous donation is appreciated.

Want to read more about Paula? Read the article.

Want to know more about KW Red Day? Read more here!

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