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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Updated: Jan 24

The Tech Support Team receives requests that aren't often for the Tech Support team, which is a bummer because then it delays the time you receive help. We've created this helpful article that provides a quick rundown of what each team does and how they can help out.

A helpful tip when using this article is to use Ctrl + F to search for a keyword or if you're on a Mac Command + F. This will help you quickly find the right team to get to a solution. Also, snag my Super Tickets Cheat Sheet.

My favorite capture tools:

Loom (Video Capture)

Snip (Mac)

Snip & Sketch (PC) (No download, included in Windows.)


Stay Nerdy! Everything is #TechPossible when you break it down into small steps!


Need more helpl? Check in with your Market Center Tech Trainer or click here to learn where to go for support.

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