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Mega Agent 2022 Takeaways

It was amazing to be back in person with KW family from ALL over the world. Some I had only met on Zoom, others I had not seen in years. New relationships formed, and I got to spend time with some incredible people. My heart left Austin full, my soul re-energized and my brain ready to explode! Below are just a few of the takeaways I brain is still recovering! I hope you enjoy and looking forward to discussing these with you!

Also, if you would like any of the downloads from Mega Camp, click here to get access to all of the downloads!

Win the Morning, WIN the Day!

At Mega Agent Camp 2022, Gary spoke about winning the morning. For years I have loved when I do my SAVERS, based on the Miracle Morning. Here is what Gary said: “If you can control your day by controlling your morning (before noon) then you are winning. Most people wake up being distracted by emails, texts, social media, etc. and don't make themselves better. We need to get back to winning our mornings!“

You can grab the print version of Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, here. Also, if you sign up for an Audible trial, this book is FREE!!!

Click the image for your printable version of SAVERS. Download, print and keep it with you to help visually remind you!


KW is Where Entrepreneurs Thrive!!!

I laughed and cried when I watched this. I often struggle to articulate excactly what I do and why I love what I do here at Keller Williams New England. This video put to it to words. I have never prouder of the work I do, the agents I help and the lives we change. We are more than a real estate company.

I may have giggle a little too much at the "mid-life crisis" jokes....


Wealth Building

These are the 3 things you need to do:

1- Attract $ in (as much as you can)

2- Manage your pennies (save)

3- Invest $ to make more $

Real estate is RICH with opportunity, even for those in this world who are NOT agents. I had to hear that statement a few times, over and over for it to really settle in.

There are so many fun and rewarding roles in RE that are available with opportunities like never before. We just have to take the leap and tap in to the resources available.

One way to do that is with Marc King's Wealth Building 2.0 on Facebook. Click here to join the group.



Let me say that again....loud for the people in the back. EVERYONE STRUGGLES. Yes, they do. Mindset is a constant battle and we must stay vigilant. Now, more that ever, it's important to pour into ourselves. Take the right in person trainings, GET A COACH. Know your value, know what you do not know and keep an open mind.

Perfection paralysis is a real thing. Control issues are real when it comes to our business. When was the last time you took Business Planning Clinic, or 6 Personal Perspectives?

What are you doing to take care of not only your business health, but the emotional well being of the person at the head of the business, you?

Many people feel they are not worthy of success. How do we change that?

I went to a fantastic mastermind called Leading Through Uncertainty with Brian Martin and Matt Teter. They recommended these books so you know they hit my Amazon cart in 10 seconds flat lol.

Build by Tony Fadell

A New Way to Think by Roger L. Martin

Move: The Forces Uprooting us by Parag Khanna

In our mastermind not only did we work on mindset but also asked some pretty deep questions. Some were:

Why my market, why now? How do I play a role in change?

What causes people to move here? What causes people to move away from here?

Where will they go?

What are the barriers to me changing and growing?

If I do not experience what others are going through, do I have empathy for those going through change?


A False Sense of Winning

We can all agree that since the pandemic, our industry has seen some major numbers that made agents succesful, fast.

But what we also know from SHIFT is that busy and successful are not the same thing. What this "busy-ness" did was give us a false sense of winning.

Does your business have the right tools, models, and people to endure the shift we are in?

Are you clear on your why, your value and why you walk through those doors everyday?


People. WE need our Community

Being able to learn more about our different communities is always one of my favorite parts of any large KW event. I try to spend as much time at the booths learning more to bring back even more value to our agents.

KW is helping us find our communities, but how are you building yours? We say we live in a community, but what does that mean to you and how will you create it if it does not exist?

What I know is this. There is a place for everyone at KW or in my business. I am a proud to be a certified Agent of Distinction. As the future of homeownership becomes increasingly diverse, it's more important than ever to meet the changing needs of a consumer today. Putting diversity, equity, and inclusion at the forefront of your business not only ensures professional growth and success, but also empowers the communities in which you live and serve.

Check out the diversity, equity, and inclusion page on connect!


Data Informed NOT Data Made

In our shifted market and any market we need to be able to understand where our money is going, what lead sources are working and where we can cut expenses.

We must have data and intuition to make informed decisions.

My big a-ha from being in many rooms is that agents of all levels do not use their systems to get the most out of their money or they simply don't have systems.

If you'd like a demo of Command, please reach out to me and I will help you get a full demo setup with our amazing team at KW!

Click here to contact me I'll help get your demo scheduled.

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