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Keep your KW emails on one place

Keeping your accounts secure by regularly updating your username and password is a great practice! We get several requests sent to the Tech Support team about how to update the Command, and logins. The awesome thing is that all of these share the same login information and are referred to as the Keller Cloud.

You can update your Username and Password for the Keller Cloud by following these steps:

Update your Password:

  1. Log into

  2. Click the Technology tab

  3. Click Change Password

  4. Enter and confirm your new password and make sure the recovery email address is up-to-date as well

Update your Username:

  1. Log into

  2. Click Profile next to your profile picture

  3. The Username field is the third field from the top.

  4. Scroll down and save

This will now update your password and username for Command,, and

We hope this helps keep your account secure.


Stay Nerdy! Everything is #TechPossible when you break it down into small steps!


Need more helpl? Check in with your Market Center Tech Trainer or click here to learn where to go for support.

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