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Keep an updated Facebook Connection in Command

Facebook makes several updates to its platform throughout the year. Much like an app on your phone needs to be updated regularly, it's best to make sure your Facebook connection to Command is updated. The best way to ensure this is to regularly disconnect and reconnect Facebook from your Command settings.

We get several requests sent to the Tech Support Team regarding Facebook errors. These are usually resolved by disconnecting the Keller Williams API from the Facebook Business Integration section in Facebook. Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Log into Command

  2. Go to Settings in Command by clicking your name in the top-right and then Settings.

  3. Disconnect Facebook from Command Settings. Make sure to disconnect both Facebook (Post Scheduling), and Facebook (Ads Manager).

  4. (Don't skip this step!) Log into and go to Settings >> Business Integrations:

  5. Check the box to the right of KW and then click Remove. A window will pop up for confirmation. DO NOT check the box for deleting posts, and instead just click remove again.

  6. Go back into Command and reconnect Facebook. Make sure to connect it on both Facebook (Post Scheduling), and Facebook (Ads Manager).

Now you've successfully disconnected and reconnected Facebook in Command to have the most up-to-date version.


Stay Nerdy! Everything is #TechPossible when you break it down into small steps!


Need more helpl? Check in with your Market Center Tech Trainer or click here to learn where to go for support.

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