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Importing Contacts to Command with a Mac

Are you a Mac User? We get several tickets for agents with Macs who run into errors when importing contacts. Why? Numbers and the Mac version of Excel don't always place nice with CSV files. (Psss, #nerdalert CSV stand for Comma separated value!)

The format Command will accept is a CSV file, which isn't native to Mac computers. If the Command CSV file is opened on a Mac computer and not through Chrome, the formatting won't be compatible with Command. It may open the file in a program called Numbers. The steps we recommend to import contacts from your Mac computer to Command are below:

  1. Download the CSV spreadsheet from Command (don't open it on the computer)

  2. Open a tab in your Chrome browser for a Blank Google Sheet

  3. Click File

  4. Click Open

  5. Select Upload

  6. Select File

  7. Find the import template

  8. Add the information to the columns

  9. Save as CSV (don't open it on the computer)

  10. Import to Command

We hope this helps streamline your Command experience!


Stay Nerdy! Everything is #TechPossible when you break it down into small steps!


Need more helpl? Check in with your Market Center Tech Trainer or click here to learn where to go for support.

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