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Healthy DataBANK

Having a healthy databank starts with complete records. This means you have cataloged every piece of information you will need to contact your client now and in the future.

No matter what software or sheet you use, you need to have the basics.

Here are some of my #BrooketheNerd tips for going from dataBASE to dataBANK!

1- Don’t be afraid to ask the client. So often, agents spend way too much time scouring the internet for this information. Don’t have a birthday? What a great excuse to call!

2- Do not try and update and clean your database all at once. This is a daunting task for anyone! Instead, start from your most recent sale and work backwards. Fill in any gaps you have.

3- Everyone should be on a birthday drip campaign! (Pssst 9/9 for your Nerd if you want to send bday love!)

4- Activities are important to log. If you don’t log it, the interaction never happened. Trust me, you may remember it now, but 3 years down the line...will you?

5- Set up quarterly reminders to call! Once you hang up, add the activity and a task to call them in 90 days. In Command, put the client on a quarterly call plan! (But not everyone all at once! This means you would be calling EVERY person every quarter on the same day!)

6- Tag or label everyone. Use more than just real estate tags. Add hobbies or anything you want as a way to quickly sort your database at any time.

Want to get your Command health scores up to 80% or higher? Download my cheat sheet!

Looking for some tags to get you started? Check out the tag sheet from KW Coastal’s MCTT, Steve De Angelis! Stay Nerdy!


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