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KW Events - Must Have Items

During my KW journey I’ve been to many Keller Williams events and I’ve cultivated a list of my favorite things to always travel with!

Don't' forget to snag a copy of my Mega Note Sheet. This is how I take notes best at any conference or training!


Looking forward to seeing you in person at these events!!! Don't forget to follow my Storefront for the most updated lists.

  • BRING LAYERS! The convention center is often cold then hot, then cold then hot!

  • If possible, get your morning beverage before heading the conference center. There is no fast pass to get your coffee AND these lines are often long.

  • Have at least 2 portable chargers. There is almost never...ever....anywhere to charge your devices.

  • SNACKS. Need I say more?

  • Laugh all you want at the hangover will thank me.

  • The SinkSuds have saved me more times than I can count! You never know when a spill on clothes will happen or quick clean up is needed.


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