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Need Help with Command?

We know it's frustrating when you are unsure where to go for support. Check out some of our best practices!

  • First, check with resources in your local market center. Your MCTT, Agent Services or other agents who support tech.

  • Here is the support best practices article. is constantly updated! 

  • For the fastest resolution, KW recommends using the web form on answers.kwcom to submit a ticket. This was built with a form with custom fields that help gather as much information as possible in the first touch, minimizing back-and-forth troubleshooting. To talk to someone live, you can also reach them via Live Chat directly in Command, M-F 9am-5pm CT. 

  • If you log into that web form, you can see previous tickets AND what the resolution was!

  • Use the Super Tickets cheat sheet on how to craft the best ticket, evah! 

  • Use a program like Loom to record your screen and talk us through was you are experiencing! 

  • Provide full screen, screenshots. Use a program like "Snip" on a Mac or "Snip" and Share on a PC. Often times the screenshots only show the error or small portion and we will have to ask for more of the screen.


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