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BEEP BEEP! Hello From Brooke, Hope & our JEEP!

Hope’s love affair with getting a Jeep started when we borrowed a Jeep from a friend for a mom and daughter “beach weekend.” Since that day over a year ago, our wild child has done nothing but point other Jeeps out while begging for us to get our very own. 

Her dreams came true in the Summer of 2022, and it’s been nothing but windy adventures.

Hope is the kindest child you will ever meet. At 6 years’ old she is the kindest friend, best kiddo around and the one that is the first to share or give up something she has, for another person.

If you are reading this message, you either saw our Jeep and scanned our QR code or you benefited from a Duck she selected for you. When she learned what “Ducking a Jeep” was all about, we ran to Amazon, grabbed supplies, and equipped our Jeep with tons of Duckies to give away. Hope personally selects the duck she thinks you should have and one that will bring you happiness.

We hope we brought a smile to your face. In return we ask that you do something kind today for someone else. If you’d like to tag us in your Jeep adventures and any kind things you find, please use the hashtag #HopeYoureDuckingGreat along with any other hashtags you use!

Want to follow our adventures? I will be posting on my Instagram at @BrookeSilvaRTTNE. We hope to see you in our #CtrlAltJeep! 


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KWKC is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to empowering young adults to unlock their greatest potential through self-development events, coaching and scholarships. Our interactive learning experiences shatter limiting beliefs and help budding entrepreneurs, college students, and next-generation leaders define their personal mission and discover their path to a fulfilled life.

You can click to learn more or donate any amount, here. Thank you! 

Our Fav Jeep Must Have Items!

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