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Millionare Business Network

This is NOT like Other Networking Groups!

Let's get registered for The Millionaire Business Network (MBN) and YOUR exclusive seat in your Millionaire Business Network's local chapter!

As a member of The Millionaire Business Network, you can expect:

✔ A world-class training and development experience facilitated by our leadership team to help you grow your business, provided to you monthly in your local MBN Chapter meetings.
✔ A thorough assessment of your business's vital signs.
✔ A verification experience of your results of our proprietary personality assessment, called the MPA.
✔ Access to optional sessions for additional masterminding, idea sharing, accountability and support.
✔ The ability to highlight your business and unique value proposition to the chapter members.
✔ The opportunity to provide and receive referrals from your chapter and our national community.
✔ Use of a powerful habit and goal tracker and other tools that will create lasting change and ignite your business.
✔ Free access to professional training and development opportunities weekly through Business MAPS Training & Coaching.
✔ Training and application of the proven principles in Gary Keller's #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller The ONE Thing, along with other proven models that have helped thousands of business owners around the world.
✔ One ticket to events with other MBNers and businesses that are also coached by our team for networking, growth and personal development including semi-annual mastermind events and an annual conference.
✔ Monthly webinar events to increase your knowledge and skillset in a variety of subject matters including leadership, growth, team-building, communication and more.
✔ Membership in our private community of like-minded business builders for your networking and growth.
✔ Eligibility to become a Business MAPS Training & Coaching Referral Partner. For every mastery coaching client you refer to Business MAPS Training & Coaching, you will receive $100 monthly for the life of the contract.

You'll get ALL of this and an exclusive seat in your chapter for just $199 monthly! (No yearly contracts)

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